Material Handling

Use material handling robots for repetitive tasks, improve quality, flexibility and effectiveness while decreasing ergonomic hazards for workers.

Industries: Automotive, Food, Manufacture, AeroSpace, Machine Tools, Consumer Goods, Other Industries.


Palletizing robots can be seen in many industries including food, manufacturing, and industry. It is useful for their facility and avoids the human tasks of loading and unloading parts, boxes and other items to or from pallets.

Industries: Food, Consumer Goods, Textile, Other Industries.


Automatic Welding

Increase your manufacturing efficiency with welding automation, all our systems are highly precise, with the best-quality results for applications in various industries.

Industries: Automotive, Manufacture, AeroSpace, Machine Tools, Metal, Arc Weld.

Packing System

Manipulate with our automated systems all kind of shapes in a flexible manner, we develop a customize solution for any process, from cartooning, wrapping, labeling, shrinking, sealing, case and tray forming, caping, cooling and drying, feeding, palletizing, picking and placing to cleaning and sterilizing.

Industries: Food, Manufacture, Consumer Goods, Other Industries.


Machine Tending

Optimize your process by include machine tending in different processes, this system can load parts faster and allow quicker and easier job changeovers.

Industries: Plastics, Food, Manufacture Consumer Goods, Machine Tools, Other Industries.

Vision System

Add eyes to a system, with an automated vision system the robot could determine the position and orientation of an object.

Industries: Automative, Manufacture, Food, AeroSpace, Plastics, Electronics.


Deliver components and products to the highest possible specifications with our trimming systems, we provide the accurate precision for manufacturing.

Industries: Automotive, Metallurgical, Manufacture, Fiberglass Cutting.



We are certificated as Robot Paint Systems Integrator by FANUC Robotics North America.


Painting and coating robots are positioned to help in general industrial to increase competitiveness, product quality and workman safety.

Industries: Automotive, Manufacture, AeroSpace.


Plasma Cutting

We provide the latest technology in plasma cutting, our systems have a greater velocity and high quality in cutting, avoid operator’s risks and keep your personnel safe with our safety sensors.

Industries: Automotive, Manufacture, Aerospace, Arc Welding.

Mining Solutions

Avoid dangerous processes in mining and heavy industries, we adapt the best solution to any requirement.

Industries: Mining, Metallurgical.